A guide to MiFi

Some gadgets take the world by storm in a bigger way than we could ever imagine; take the mobile phone, once a gimmick but now a necessity, and many say the next step forward will be personal WiFi connections, allowing us to browse the internet wherever we are without the need for an often expensive internet cafe or other hotspot.

Well we have news, for it's already here in the form of MiFi, a portable gadget that is, in effect, a standalone modem which utilises the 3G network to give you such browsing capability.

MiFi is potentially so revolutionary that it could change the face of mobile internet forever; the advantages of a personal portable mobile make Mi Fi a bigger move than even broadband or the much vaunted mobile broadband, for MiFi is a more versatile and usable system than any we have seen before.

A few providers have already made their intentions clear with the first MiFi sets to be commercially available in decent numbers later this year and as MiFi is must have technology it is certainly the case that many of the rival providers will soon come up with their own versions. Already Mi Fi is picking up pace in the USA, and we expect the same to happen here at breakneck speed.

With a lack of any necessary software and the added ability to use more than one device on the modem at the same time unlike Bluetooth, for example MiFi is a step in the right direction that all of us who wish we could simply log on at any time well welcome.